Daniel Lewis Brier

(Newcastle upon Tyne. Email me [this is obfuscated and only works if you have an email client] if you need extra details.)

This page is a work in progress.

Web application developer, videogame systems engineer.

Work Experience

Developer at CREATOR, July - September 2017 and 2018

Administration apprentice/Graphic Designer at Eastdurhamcreates, August 2015 - August 2016

* These lists are nonexhaustive; they’re what I thought was most notable or interesting.


Newcastle University, September 2018 - Current

BSc Honours Computer Science, currently in first year. Self-guided focus on both bioinformatics and computer games engineering (including games design by night).

East Durham College, September 2016 - 2018

A-Levels, A, A, A, A* in Maths, Further Maths (AS), Computer Science and EPQ (Machine Learning) respectively, was awarded A2 Student of the Year.

Technical Skills

Very confident programmer, having made a wide range of programs using NodeJS, C/C++, D, PHP, Lua and Crystal.

Average web designer. Very comfortable picking up languages and tools as they are needed.

Confident with (and have experience) designing multi-scale systems to ensure the best results; main focuses being efficiency, architectural cohesion and code legibility as to let everything I make be easily used and extended by other developers.

Created native desktop software, web application backends, designed frontend web UI and (2D) videogame systems for both desktop and mobile in a multitude of ways.

Some open-source examples of what I’ve worked with are on my Github.