wavefront 64

this is a big work in progress, wherein it takes a wavefront (.obj) file and outputs a C header file for use with the official N64 development kit in the form of a display list alongside vector matrices and bitmap data.

for now, I'm nowhere near proficient enough with C programming nor have the time to learn the ins and outs of the nintendo 64 SDK, so further projects are on hold.


as a game jammer, i want to use something that can let me make games in a very short amount of time, and i'm happy to sacrifice unneeded flexibility for that.

thus, i made a small boilerplate / library for use with the love2d framework that simplifies and abstracts a lot of functionality. using GMS1.2 as an inspiration, this library accommodates focus on objects, tile-based rooms, and users who want something fast and simple to create games with.

unnamed opengl project

as some small aspects of love2d bug me, i have started development of my own 2d game engine, and while working out how to do so, i'm creating a simple 3d engine in C++ with opengl, where i aim to provide Lua bindings for game development.


a series of small apps that accommodate a very simple machine learning library i made from scratch in lua for an extended project qualification while doing a-levels - the focus was on how they work primitively, and was closer to a mathematical research project than a compsci project.

these included the library itself, a visualiser made in love2d, a bunch of apps for translating images into unitary vectors, and a few dataset fetchers (just downloaded a ton of poetry from websites)

part of the project was to also present this technology and explain it to a non-technical audience, in which i think i did successfully as maximum marks were awarded for this project.